negative and question passive voice sentence

Example of negative passive voice:

• Jeje said that he cannot leave kautsar.

• Mouse wasn’t eaten by cat

• The bear wasn’t killed by hunter

• The grass isn’t get cut by changmin

• Their promises shouldn’t be keep

• Caesar wasn’t stabbed by brutus

• He will not be made the President of this organization by it’s members.

• She isn’t known to me.

• The Mayor’s speech wasn’t loudly cheered.

• The flight wasn’t cancelled yesterday.

• My office isn’t cleaned often enough

Example of question passive voice:

• Was the rabbit caught?

• Will the television be watched by micky?

• Are batik made in solo?

• Is the bear killed by hunter?

• was the mouse eaten by cat?

• was the flight cancelled yesterday?

• Has the lipstick brought by my mom?

• Why has the food been rejected by him?

• When was the bag collapse?

• Has my room been cleaned yet?


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